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"Biofuel cars 'not green enough'
Planet-saving biofuels are not the environmentally friendly way forward that
we have all been led to believe, according to new research.
By Marc Mustard

23rd July 2006
Pump benefits questioned
Green fuels, which power cars such as Saab's bio-ethanol 9-5, may not be as
environmentally friendly as had previously been thought.
The claim was made by leading ecologist David Tilman of the University of
Minnesota in an interview with the influential New Scientist magazine. He
suggested that the amount of oil used to sow, harvest, process and convert
fuel crops into usable substances - such as bio-diesel and bio-ethanol -
almost negates any environmental benefits. In tests, it was shown that when
all the production factors were taken into account, corn-based ethanol
reduced greenhouse gas emissions by a mere 12 per cent over standard petrol.
Bio-diesel offered better carbon savings (41 per cent), but only because it
doesn't need to be distilled before use.

The UK Petroleum Industry Assoc-iation (UKPIA) told Auto Express that by
setting aside enough British land to grow the required volume of crops,
producers could risk damaging the environment in a different way. In a
report, UKPIA explained: "About two million hectares could be given over to
energy crops without affecting food production - enough to meet around five
per cent of our fuel needs. Yet, beyond this level, major change to land use
would be required, which could alter the CO2 balance."

Despite these revelations, Ford is backing alternative fuels with one of its
British Motor Show stand stars. The blue oval is celebrating selling its
millionth Focus in the UK with a Flexi-Fuel version that runs on


Nuklearke su bolje rjesenje :-P
Samo je pitanje kolko ce CO2 i ostalih lijepih spojeva doc u atmosferu kad
se izgrade
te silne elektrane i cijela mreza elektro-benzinski :-))